November 27, 2013

When a stranger calls

One day, my friend and I were home alone. My parents have gone out to buy groceries. Since I was bored, I invited my friend, Ali to come over to my house. He brought some board games with him for us to play together. I went to the kitchen to grab us some drinks and snacks. As I was about to go to my room to join Ali, I saw shattered glass all over the floor. I went straight to my room, but I couldn’t seem to find Ali. He was not there. I panicked and started calling out his name, turns out he was just in the bathroom. I felt relieved. after cleaning up the mess, we continued playing board games.
After 1 hour of playing, Ali said he needed to go to the bathroom again. So I turned on the television while waiting for Ali. Suddenly, the television went blank and on the screen of the television, I saw a reflection of Ali being hung to the ceiling fan. I turned around but nothing was there, I sensed something spooky happening.  Just then, my house phone rang, I went to the phone to answer the call, but no one was at the other end of the line. The phone rang many times but every time I answered, there was no voice at all. After numerous times of answering the phone call, I heard a growling sound through the phone, a chill ran down my spine. Immediately I put down the phone, ran up the stairs and went straight to my room and shivered.
Then I saw a black figure at my house gate. As I was peeking through the window, Ali came into my room and said he saw a black figure downstairs on his way to my room. Then I looked back through the window, the black figure I just saw was gone. Suddenly, the house phone rang again. I did not answer it but it kept ringing nonstop. After about fifteen minutes, the ringing stopped; I thought the caller has given up. So, I went down to check, the house phone was not there, it was missing. I came up to my room and saw Ali being hung to the ceiling fan and said, “Your back!”. I turned around and saw the black figure in front of me holding a knife. After being stabbed, I can feel the sharp pain piercing through my chest, then I woke up and I realized it was just a dream. I felt scared and relieved at the same time. I was sweating buckets. Then I went down to take a sip of water and really saw Ali being hung to the ceiling fan.

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